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Luke & Associates is proud to work with our armed forces, staffing healthcare professionals at the military installations needed most under the values foundational to the company. We keep our promises and do what we say to meet our obligations and communicate openly and honestly with those we work with.

Recognized for Our Success!

Awarded “Founder of the Year” on the Space Coast.
Luke & Associates - Luke & Associates Awarded Space Coast Founder of the Year!


Luke & Associates Awarded Space Coast Founder of the Year!

Luke & Associates, Inc. Founders Jim Barfield and Rich Hall were recognized by Space Coast Business Magazine as the “Founder of the Year” in 2019. With their love for the military personnel and families they serve, Rich and Jim explain how their spirituality was their strength as they started on their mission in 2004 and fought against all odds to rise to the challenge and build one of the most successful companies on the Space Coast.

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