Our Journey

Our journey began in 2004 with an idea and a prayer. This was a critical time post 911 with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We wanted to make a difference for our troops. So, our mission was established to provide quality healthcare to our military men, women, and families. Since 2004, we have:

  • Employed over 6,000 healthcare workers
  • Provided healthcare for our military at over 150 military installations
  • Been awarded over 50 contracts
  • Managed 900 task orders
  • Staffed civilian, VA, and NASA clinics or hospitals
  • Treated millions of patients
Luke & Associates Our 17 Year Journey

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Who Is Luke

Built on strong values and ethics; doing what is right all the time!

Luke provides healthcare services for the federal government and commercial entities both at home and abroad. We built our company on strong values and ethics; doing what is right all the time. Our company is based on people. People perform the work for the customers so we focus on finding the right person for the job. Luke knows people … we find the right people for the right jobs; we keep people satisfied with their jobs; we motivate and we retain our most valuable resource: our employees.

One of the most rewarding services we provide is direct healthcare for our military and their families and veterans. There is a high demand for healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses and ancillary personnel. Staffing shortages result in vacancies causing increased demands on the existing staff. We provide the medical personnel to fill these positions to meet the military treatment facility needs and requirements. Vacancies are also prevalent in national, regional and local medical healthcare networks. Shortages will continue. We have earned the reputation of being a dependable healthcare staffing agency due to our ability to find quality healthcare professionals precisely when they’re needed.

Right Fit

Committed to providing the best care possible, no matter what it takes!

We specialize in locating, recruiting, placing, and retaining Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and ancillary service providers. Each provider is placed in a position that is the right fit for the customer and the provider.

We are committed to providing the best care possible which begins with getting the right person for the right job. Because of this commitment, we implemented a thorough recruiting and credentialing process to select and hire the best candidate for each position and retain for the entire period of performance. This attention to detail has resulted in Luke successfully placing over 6,000 HCP positions around the world. Our commitment to quality medical care drives our approach to efficient operations, customer satisfaction, and quality performance.

On Time

Assessing current and future market demands to stay a step ahead

Healthcare provider vacancies can seriously affect hospital operations and impact patient outcomes. Luke has focused on recruiting and placing qualified providers quickly and minimizing turnover by matching the right person to the right job. Our recruiting and credentialing process ensures on time placement.

Luke’s experienced recruiting staff use effective recruiting tools and systems, and most importantly, execute a clearly defined plan to recruit and hire in strategic market areas and disciplines. Our recruiters continually assess the current and future market demands for specific HCP categories and locations to stay a step ahead.



Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. Luke is committed to doing the right thing each and every time. We keep our promises and do what we say we will do. We meet our obligations. We openly and honestly communicate with our customers and employees.


Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity — not a threat. We embody the entrepreneurial spirit and seek new technologies and how to use them more efficiently. Through the continuous improvement of our business processes, we are able to deliver an efficient experience for our customers and employees.


Communication is the real work of leadership. We continually communicate with our customers, employees and government counterparts. We understand the importance of being accessible to our customers and to make sure our leaders are always accessible to our employees and customers.


We value our employees and recognize the importance each brings to our success. We invest the time, resources and leadership in our employees to ensure consistent growth and stability. This commitment is why our employees maintain a long-lasting relationship with the company.

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Our leadership team is honored to deliver healthcare to our men and women of the armed services, their families and those who have served.

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